Wedding Planning Resources for The Groom

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Getting married is one of the biggest life-changing steps you can take in your life. This process isn’t one that should be planned solely by the bride, though that seems to be a common presumption. The groom and bride should take on the wedding planning process together. “But what can the groom do,” some may ask. This is where we come in. Below we’ve created a list of great resources for the groom to plan the wedding.

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The Black Tux

Getting Himself and the Groomsmen Dressed

One of the main components of your wedding day is your attire. The dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the tuxedos, ties, everything. One task the groom can tackle is planning out his attire along with his groomsmen. A great resource for this is The Black Tux. They have lots of resources of their own and articles to help the groom when it comes to dressing himself and his guys. Choosing colors, styles, and shoes can seem simple but everything’s all in the details and should be treated as such.

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PC: Groomsmen Gift Source

Get those Groomsmen Gifts

Another main aspect of the wedding that’s commonly forgotten about are gifts and they are probably one of the most important parts. Showing those involved how much you appreciate them and their help is so important. To them and you. Picking out the perfect wedding party gifts and even wedding favors can be timing consuming. From trying to come up with your own gift ideas and then trying to find them online can take some time. has a huge selection of gift ideas. Tons of options that are sure will match any wedding style or the person you may be buying for. Using this as a resource for your gifting needs will be the best decision.

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Bridal Guide

Tracking the RSVP’s

Sending out the RSVP’s may seem like a simple task. And though sending them out maybe, receiving them back can be a whole other story. Receiving them nameless, bad handwriting, confusing plus ones. All are dreaded by many wedding planning couples out there. A great resource for this is a guide to tracking the RSVPs. This makes keeping track of who did RSVP, and if they are bringing any guests much easier. This makes it great for the groom to tackle. They can keep track of them easily and it will make the overall process easier.

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Rehearsal Dinner Planning

Rehearsal dinners are usually considered a tradition. A time to spend with immediate family and friends before the big day. Though this can be stressful, the groom can tackle this without a problem. Especially with the help of Brides which gives the steps and main parts in planning a rehearsal dinner. From the food, the invites, etc. it can be overloaded when done on a whim. This is why planning it with enough time in advance and done by one person to ensure nothing’s forgotten is important.

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Wedding Happ

Creating the Guest List (together)

Though there are a few things the bride and groom should and can do on their own, the one thing that needs to be done together is creating the guest list. A great resource that the groom (and bride) can use is Wedding Happy. It helps you when it comes to creating your guest list. It can be stressful, deciding who should or shouldn’t come. But we hope the resource provided makes the process easier.

Planning a wedding is super stressful for everyone involved. This is why ensuring both the bride and groom take part in the planning process and dividing up the work appropriately is so important. Being involved is equally important. No one wants to be surprised about things at their own wedding.

Being involved and being a part of the wedding is a huge part of the wedding in general. Planning it and planning it together is part of the joy of the wedding. We hope the resources we outlined above help the groom when it comes to being apart of the wedding planning process. Not only to help the bride but to ensure they get the job from the process as it should be.



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