45 minutes | FREE


BIRTH CONSULTATION We meet up here at a local coffee shop to

chat about your birth. This is a great time for you to tell me all

 about your birth and to learn about me and my photography.


hours! | $600


BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY pricing covers a birth consultation,

photography during active labor, pushing and the direct

postpartum period (up to one hour right after birth) . This package

also includes all high, resolution images as a digital download. 


*I also photography maternity and newborn sessions. Birth clients get 1/2 off maternity AND newborn sessions!*



I have two packages.  Both packages include 1 hour of session time,

an album, one 8x10 print and a private online gallery; the only difference

is what kind of album you end up with.  I include an album in my packages

because I believe that is the easiest and best way to cherish these images while

keeping them private.  The albums are gorgeous and timeless. The

included 8x10 is an excellent bedside token for your main man.


1 hour | $485


Hard Cover Package:

1 hour of session time

one 10x10 hard cover book

and an 8x10 print


1 hour | $350


Soft Cover Package:

1 hour of session time

one 8x8 soft cover book

and an 8x10 print


*We can take your pictures at your home, some other location of your choosing, or at a hotel.*



45 minutes | FREE


Ultimately this session is about you and I want to showcase who you

are, what you love, and your uniqueness  This means taking some time

to brainstorm great locations for your shoot whether it be at the tennis

courts, out on the lake wakeboarding, at the school stadium, or in the

school performing arts center.  Think about interests and featuring

your musical instrument, sporting equipment, favorite books, and the

like.  We meet up here at my in-home studio or at a local coffee shop

to chat about your senior portraits. 


This is a great time for us to decide where we want to go for your

pictures, and what you'll be wearing and incorporating into your shoot!


*Packages start at $560 for a 1 hour shoot, 3 sets of wallets, a digital

download of 50 images, and an online proofing gallery.  However,

I also offer a build your own package as well so the sky is the limit!



45 minutes | $135


Newborn photography is all about showcasing the simple beauty

within your new beloved little one and, of course, getting that first

family photo! The newborn session includes only the 45 minute

session time (enough for all the essential pictures plus all feeding

and changing interruptions that come with newborns!) - any digital

files, prints and products are additional.  

We will schedule your newborn session in the first 1 - 10 days of

baby’s life. We can take your photos in the comfort of your own

home or even at the hospital. 

*I also photograph birth photography and maternity sessions. Birth clients get 1/2 off maternity AND newborn sessions!*





I am a photographer that sees the beauty in life all around me all the time.

  I serve my clients lovingly, creating a series of images you can cherish

forever. I am a fun-loving, bubbly kind of person, so buckle up

because we're going to have fun!


30 minutes | $300


STANDARD SESSION:  This is the standard, bees knees, type of session.

  Our time together gives us time to nail down all the best of the best

kinds of pictures for you and gives you ALL of the the digital files!  In

our time we will go through several poses and a few different

"backdrops" at our photo spot.


15 minutes | $150


MINI SESSION This budget friendly session includes 15 minutes of

session time and is a good fit for a family (without small children) to get

their annual pictures taken or for any other kind of simple session (like only

a few pictures of a baby belly or a simple portrait).  For this session

we have time for a few poses in one main spot with one outfit.



45 minutes | FREE


Congratulations on your engagement!


Your upcoming wedding might be the most significant event of your life.

My job as your photographer is to make sure you have a record the love

you shared on your wedding day, the uniqueness that went into your day,

and all the events that made it a celebration. As such, I like to focus

on three main things with my weddings: portraits, moments, and the details.


Let's meet up here at a local coffee shop to chat about your wedding! 


*Wedding packages start at $1,800 for 6 hours of coverage, a free

engagement shoot, and all your digital files.  However, I do offer an

hour rate weddings for such engagements like a court wedding, an

elopement, anniversary party, or vow renewal.