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Senior Portrait Photography with a musicial, hippie, and run down downtown flair!

In honor of this beautiful lady graduating yesterday I simply had to blog her senior pictures! I have a soft spot forView full post »

Maisy’s Janesville fine art baby photography at 11-months-old

First off, to get you up to speed at least in type, if not in pictures of this girl just yet… Maisy is turningView full post »

Emily’s Spinning and Splashing Rock River Senior Portrait Photography

I loved my time with Emily!  It’s not all too often I get to have fun splashing in Rock River for a seniorView full post »

Maisy’s 10 Month Pictures – Janesville Macro Baby Photography

Gosh this girl and those eyes!  They really never get old and this is coming from the one who is with her 24/7!  View full post »

Armanda’s Minneapolis senior portraits photography – Kaia Calhoun Photography

Congrats Armanda!  This girl is officially graduated as of last week and on to bigger, college things! I love theView full post »

Day-In-The-Life Baby Photography // my Maisy at 9-Months-Old

So I’m going to steal my mom’s idea of “Maisy Monday” for a while here in order to best catch upView full post »

Katie + Will’s Janesville Country Club Wedding Photography – Kaia Calhoun Photography

This wedding was HOT!  As a photographer working with men in full suits and a bride in layers of gown hot weddings canView full post »

Christine + Tait’s Wisconsin Club Wedding Photography – Kaia Calhoun Photography

Excited to share a sneak preview of Christine + Tait’s Wisconsin Club wedding photography! This couple was soView full post »

Andrea + Chucks Horticulture Hall Wedding Photography – Kaia Calhoun Photography

Andrea + Chuck had the sweetest, most low stress ceremony.  To me, when tears are shed there is beauty because there isView full post »