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A Photo A Day | August 5 – 11

This week I had a lot of fun outside because, thanks to the wedding I shot last weekend and the beautiful Elyse, I foundView full post »

A Photo A Day | July 22 – 28

So I am indeed a slacker.  Missed a couple of days. MONDAY face nuzzling morning snuggling :) TUESDAY Carter came toView full post »

A Photo A Day | July 15 – 21

MONDAY  sunrise flowers TUESDAY bird’s eye Sam WEDNESDAY sunrise window THURSDAY dead or alive FRIDAY celeryView full post »

A Photo A Day | July 1 – 7

MONDAY  A 6MO baby photography with William!   (Full blog post coming soon!) TUESDAY  Babysitting our niece andView full post »

A Photo A Day | June 24 – 30

MONDAY Sam goes a sniffin’ TUESDAY My little tomato plants are trying so hard to grow big and strong. WEDNESDAY WeView full post »

Baby Ducks

This is the third time my parents have raised baby ducks.  The first time they snatched a pile of them to test babyView full post »

A Photo A Day | June 17 – 23

MONDAY I was trying to get city scape pictures of Elgin when I stumbled on this homeless camp.  I heard someone stir soView full post »

Nashville Road Trip to the KLOVE Fan Awards

A couple of weeks ago Josh, my mom, and I all piled in her car and headed to Tennessee.  Our strategy was to spend oneView full post »

A Photo A Day | June 10 – 16

MONDAY Mr. Slug – I found him hitching a ride on my foot :) TUESDAY almost sunset WEDNESDAY definitely sunsetView full post »