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Maisy’s 3rd Birthday Party!


3-Year-Old Maisy

Preferred nicknames: princess and nut (because I say “you’re a nut” and you’ve turned it into a fun game)

Favorite things: anything pink, dance class, baby dolls, anything Frozen, balloons, water, and story time with Mommy

Favorite foods: vegetables (particularly steamed green beans, broccoli, or sweet potato), ice cream, mac n cheese, peares (pears), and fruit snacks

Favorite activities:  going to the splash park, playing in the “water pool,” going anywhere with mommy and Penny (even the post office is exciting to you), but ultimately all you want to do all day every day is be with your people in any and every capacity

Your Birthday Party

Whenever a birthday rolls around I like to make a list of Maisy’s favorite things.  This year I focused on making all her dreams come true by inviting all her best friends (Elsa’s limit was 10 kids so we stuck to local cousins, our day care girls, plus a pal from each of the churches we’ve been staff on since she was born), hiring Elsa to come paint faces and take pictures, asking Mimi to make her the castle birthday cake she had her eyes set on, and decking the place out in as much pink as I could manage.

The first business of the day was dressing Maisy in her sparkly pink birthday dress then putting the matching one on Penny before we ran our birthday errands.  We all went to the greenery and let Maisy pick out some pink flowers, then to buy as many balloons as I could within reason, and pick up any remaining groceries for the party snacks.

While you took your nap I dressed the house in pink in any way I could think of that wasn’t too tacky to handle.  My dream in my head was to paint the whole main floor pink from the furniture to the floor to the ceiling… but that’s insane.

The party itself started with Elsa walking in our front door, stunning every single toddler into wide-eyed, dropped jaw amazed silence.  She led the kids outside and painted all their faces then took pictures with them.  When she left we lit up your castle birthday cake with three star candles (your favorite shape) and sang happy birthday to you.  After cake we opened her amazing birthday gifts and hugged all our friends goodbye.

Janesville birthday party photographer

Is he posing? Why yes, yes he is. He’s handsome and hilarious!

Janesville birthday party photographerJanesville birthday party photographer

Penny woke up in time to enjoy the last 30 minutes of the party. I love how kids love babies! This picture is so adorable and sweet. Maisy was saying “she’s my sister” over and over again. I love how she adores her sister and is so protective over her.

I love that my mother-in-law can’t help but jump on the piano every time she visits. I love that she always piles on as many kids as are willing. And I love that she’s so awesome at playing piano and we all get to listen to the beauty of it!

Lauren is THE BEST. Maisy adores her and Lauren is so awesome and sweet to get. These two ran off their cake sugar high, balloon chase style, after all the other kids left.