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Karissa + Joe’s Woodsy Milton Engagement Photography

Woodsy Milton Engagement Photography

Karissa + Joe have some awesome stories to tell!

The first starts at Camp Wakonda, our shoot location, in Milton.  This is where the pair spent a lot of time making memories growing up at church camps and the like.  This is where Joe proposed.

Note their matching tattoos on their arm.  To them the semicolons are a symbol of how God saved their lives, both physically and spiritually, to take another breath and keep fighting the good fight.  A semicolon is a punctuation mark that takes the place of a period when the writer prefers to piggy back more of that sentence on without creating a run on.  They choose to continue the sentence instead of ending it at what is usually a natural ending place.

The last story seen in these pictures is more of a brief note.  The couple loves chucks.  They love chucks so much they each have a pair to wear at their wedding reception.

Karissa + Joe, thanks for choosing me to photograph your wedding!  Can’t wait!  Love the love you share and how sweet you are to each other and to me.

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