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Megan + Josh’s Old Barn Engagement Photography in Janesville

Megan and I are good ‘ol pals.  Our story is one of my favorites because I’m the kind of girl that likes it when the meeting of a friend happens in a more untraditional or unique way.  First time I met Megan was at my wedding.  A invited friend brought Megan as his plus one.  A couple of weeks later I found myself at our college lady’s retreat chatting with Megan and my sister-in-law.  Many years later, I’m so excited that I can say one of my best friends was at my wedding even though I literally met her that day :)

When I knew Megan was coming I had to give her old barn engagement photography!  This girl loves the shabby chic look so ideally I would have come across a disheveled white barn but I found this awesome barn in its place.

I love this girl.  She’s perhaps the most indecisive person I know but what I do know is she’s decided she and I will be friends forever, that she adores my daughter, and that she is committed to finding as much adventure in life as humanly possible.  Love all of that!

Josh, I met Josh for the first time a few years back but didn’t get my first opportunity for some quality time with the guy until our shoot.  My favorite part of our time together was actually the shoot aftermath when we hunted around town for some dinner and I listened to him sweetly chatting with my daughter as he fed her bites of her dinner to ward off the hungry whining.  Anyone who loves on my daughter wins my heart immediately.

Besides that, we spent the evening eating and laughing and I couldn’t have been happier to have them in my home!  I would keep them here if I could!

Thanks Megan + Josh for allowing me to take your engagement pictures!  Excited for you two!

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