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Janesville Prom Dress and Piano Senior Portraits

Kami McCarthy was so sweet to work with.  I loved the ideas we put together with the incorporation of her prom dress, the piano, and her family dogs at the family field.

I usually shoot to photograph in the evenings when I get to use the more subdued and even golden light.  This shoot was no different.

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot, this shoot comes with a crazy story!  We were driving to The Armory as our next photo spot when we ended up driving down the wrong way on a one way.  We had three cars between the lot of us.  I see the other two cars stop in the parking lot that I just turned around in to head the right direction.  I thought I saw something flicker in my rear view mirror but didn’t think anything of it.  Many minutes later, at least 15, I finally call Karen (Kami’s mom) to inquire about their whereabouts.  She says they got pulled over for going the wrong way on a one way.  I come to find out when they show up nearly 30 minutes later that the cop that pulled them over almost summoned the fleet to catch the “run away car.”  Me.  Fortunately Karen convinced him that I likely just didn’t see him so I moved along without looking back.  Which was true.  Thanks Karen!

For those of you thinking about hiring me, this story is a one time thing.  The craziest of crazy stories that I’ve had happen on a shoot!  Besides, no one got any tickets.  Mission accomplished if not a little behind the timeline.  I wasn’t going to short my clients on session time just because they got pulled over.  So, in the end, we lucked out and were photographing long enough to get pictures with the sunset!

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I am an eclectic, colorful and down-to-earth photographer and I like to customize sessions and products for my clients. I strive to serve my clients lovingly, creating a series of memories they can cherish forever, and making them my forever friends. I shoot honest photography – real people, real colors, and real life.

High school senior portraits are about showcasing who you are at this stage in your life. I want to capture what you love, what you wear, and what you do. If you adore your best friend, family, or pet I want to get them in some of your pictures. If you always wear your hair in a pony tail, are known for always having a smile on your face, dress sporty, romp around bare foot, look like a hippie, or always wear red lipstick I want to capture those unique things. If you play sports, participate in theater, or envelop yourself in music I want to show that. As such, I like to focus on three main things with my Seniors: a yearbook photo, creating moments, and details.