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Milton High School Senior Photography | A Woodsy and Bookish Session at Camp Wakonda

Gariel’s Milton High School senior photography session went down at Camp Wakonda and this random barn I am in love with!  Gariel was all natural and so easy to work with!  It’s actually private property but we bravely, and very quickly, took some pictures on the grounds before hightailing it outta there before getting caught!  A photographer’s gotta do what a photographer’s gotta do!

What I loved about this session was the stellar barn, the green and lush woods, and, of course, Gariel and her ability to look amazing all the time!  Gariel, it was a blessing and honor to be chosen for your high school senior photography and I’m excited to come and celebrate your graduation with you back out at camp on Saturday!

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I am an eclectic, colorful and down-to-earth photographer and I like to customize sessions and products for my clients. I strive to serve my clients lovingly, creating a series of memories they can cherish forever, and making them my forever friends. I shoot honest photography – real people, real colors, and real life.

High school senior portraits are about showcasing who you are at this stage in your life. I want to capture what you love, what you wear, and what you do. If you adore your best friend, family, or pet I want to get them in some of your pictures. If you always wear your hair in a pony tail, are known for always having a smile on your face, dress sporty, romp around bare foot, look like a hippie, or always wear red lipstick I want to capture those unique things. If you play sports, participate in theater, or envelop yourself in music I want to show that. As such, I like to focus on three main things with my Seniors: a yearbook photo, creating moments, and details.