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Megan + Justin’s NE Minneapolis engagement photography

I met Megan growing up at Buffalo Covenant Church.  From there we ran into each other at school and may have played a sport together.  I defer to you, Megan, on that one :)  Megan has always struck me as the epitome of nice, Minnesota nice to be specific.  She never spares a kind word or compliment and seems to me to be always outward focused, selfless.

And Justin.  I met him at this photo shoot and he was all about Megan and it became abundantly clear that with these two people combined the world is gifted a dynamic duo of overflowing kindness and selflessness.

Megan emailed me a couple of months ago asking if I could photograph her wedding on August 31, 2013.  I think I had way too many !!!! in my response email.  And why wouldn’t I be excited?  I was going to get to do an engagement shoot in NE Minneapolis (which was a dream of mine), I would get to spend some time with family in my relaxed MN home town, and I would get to see some old friends from church and school… all of this on top of the normal joys of photographing a gorgeous Christian couple totally in love!  Yes, I was stoked.

For our engagement shoot Megan requested photos by and at the Guthrie Theater (they love attending shows here) and I requested photos by the bridge by the old Pillsbury factory… little did I know, my photo spot was the backyard of the Guthrie.  Perfect!

We set out at dusk, as I so frequently request, and took all these awesome pictures of these two love birds!  I went way over time with them because we were having so much fun!

What I loved about this session was the couple with beautiful faces and hearts, the location and eclectic plethora of spots to utilize for backdrops and props, and the shots we took inside the Guthrie Theater.

Oh, and did I tell you Megan is so sweet she bought be a beverage at the end of our time together?

Megan + Justin, thank you for choosing me to capture your love!  To say I had a blast isn’t enough, you two are a joy and so incredibly kind!

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