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10 Days of Portraits

I have always been fascinated by faces.  To me, true physical beauty lies in uniqueness.

Several years ago now I made a trip to the art museum and saw an exhibit of larger than life portraits.  These things covered the height of a whole wall.  I loved it!  I loved it because for once I was not only given permission to stare as someone’s face but I was encouraged to do so.  I told myself that someday I would do a project like this.  Someday is today.

Before wedding season slapped me upside the face I focused ten days on this series of portraits.  I had initially hoped for 10 days of 10 portraits but due to scheduling conflicts I managed this handful.  I only now got around to editing the images.

It is important to note that I didn’t do anything crazy.  I didn’t get rid of anything or add anything from their faces.  I simply color corrected and gave the images a little more clarity.  These faces are simply, naturally this beautiful.

This is phase one of my Portrait Study project.  And for this phase one I sent this message to my models (only varying slightly from guy to girl and in the time stamp):

“Popping in to give you details about the portrait I’m taking of your pretty face :)  For our shoot next week here is what you need to know:
TIME May 24, 4:30pm – 5:00pm (I won’t need all of this time, but just to be safe)
DRESS wear a shirt in your favorite color, bottoms won’t matter for what I’m doing
MAKEUP  wear what you would if you were getting a little dressed up and make sure it’s clean and crisp (bring the makeup with you too in case I need you to touch up or anything)
HAIR down and nice but not out of the ordinary (I want it to be you but not a casually chillin’ at home you), think “I’m going on a first date” hair
Thanks for giving your time for this project!  And thanks for your support :)”

Perhaps as wedding season slows down again I can visit another wave of portraits.  If you’re interested in helping a sister out shoot me an email at asunshinemoment@gmail.com, send me a current picture of yourself, and I’ll see if you aren’t a compatible model for my portrait collection.  Also, bear in mind, that you would need to come to my studio in Elgin, IL for the shoot so if you live somewhere far far away perhaps modeling for me wouldn’t be in your best gasoline interests.

To my models featured below.  You are all dear friends but that by no means meant you had to be my model guinea pigs.  Thank you for volunteering your time and face for this project! Love you guys!