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Wedding Boudoir Photography

A few months back I got to do wedding boudoir photography for a good friend.  She ended up giving a boudoir album as a gift to him shortly before the ceremony and she told me he loved it so much he cried.  Moments like that are the most powerful to me.  I was able to help my friend share love by helping her create the most unique, personal, and beautiful gift.

I loved this session because she came with all sorts of wonderful options with me and, after we got warmed up, she was ready for anything!  I always encourage the wives that come to me to be super intentional about choosing things that their hubby particularly likes, even if they are seemingly minor or simple.  Well she was all over that and I loved getting to learn about their relationship just by learning about the things he most likes about her.  I also was totally in love with her ability to give me a “sexy” eyes and was great with posing!

I love boudoir photography.  And I love it because of a set of personal interests – I am an artist with a biological inclination.  This means Creation shows up in my work a lot.  That is particularly why I love boudoir photography, because my whole subject matter, the human form, is Creation.

For the protection of my clients and for those who struggle with sexual sin (Romans 14:19-21I have chosen to reveal only modest images this public post.  If you are interested in working with me on your boudoir session shoot me an email and I can send over my boudoir portfolio and a pricing PDF :)