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All For You Tour | MIKESCHAIR and Citizen Way

All For You Tour

The couple weeks of city hopping for MIKESCHAIR and Citizen Way started last night.  The tour started in Citizen Way’s neck of the woods and from here they are headed to southern Illinois, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  The show was awesome!

Citizen Way played some of their new songs for the first time live last night and THEY HIT IT!  The new record coming out this spring is LOADED with utter beauty.  This show also marked a switch for Josh.  Usually seen sitting at the keys, the guys decided to pull him up front to hang with Ben so he could sing a little more and to get his dance moves on ;)

It truly was an honor getting to meet Mike.  I didn’t get to meet any of the other guys but I did also get to meet his fiance, Molly.  The two of them were such a comfort and a joy and I’m so excited for their wedding that’s going down in three weeks!  Being this is the first tour Citizen Way is a part of my heart was certainly put at ease knowing they were traveling with such a loving, giving, and caring group.

MIKESCHAIR hit the stage as if they walked into a full fledged party.  They rocked it hard until they broke for an intermission to give air to Food For The Hungry, an organization they wholeheartedly support.  They closed the evening out with a beautiful string of worship songs that led to lots of raised hands and mended hearts.

Citizen Way



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