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Alicia & Kory’s Pregnancy Announcement Photo Session

I have waited patiently for the okay on posting these pictures.  Alicia and Kory had a super fun idea to have pictures taken to send out to their extensive extended family as a pregnancy announcement rather than giving them each a call or email.  Alicia had a bunch of fun ideas and brought all the props you see here.

To say I love these two is an under statement.  They are family to me and some of my oldest and best friends.

I actually met Kory in 5th grade and we did some sort of gifted math class presentation to a board of adults in the library one time.  And so our friendship began through a mutual nerdy inclination ;)

I met Alicia through Erika.  I met Erika through soccer and we became quick friends.  So much so that she invited me to come to her church with her and then on the church mission trip and before you knew it I was involved and committed to the church for the rest of the middle school and high school years.  Alicia went to that church and we all became sisters only a few short weeks later on our mission trip to Iowa.  Yes, Iowa.  All throughout middle school and high school Alicia, Erika, and I were the inseparable three musketeers.  We were privy to frequent sleep overs, crying on each other, naming each other’s parents “mom” and “dad,” joining forces in sports together, and standing up in each other’s weddings… to name a few :) Friendships like this are a rare gem and joy.

It was the night before I traveled to Minnesota for Thanksgiving when Alicia sent Erika and I a text message at around 8 pm asking if we could Skype “NOW”.  Since Alicia never texts we both knew something was up.  In fact, we named the surprise and urgent Skype date as “baby  on the way” before she even told us.  And lo-and-behold we were right and I was ecstatic!  I get to be Auntie Kaia!  This was as close to home as it gets because we are of the same age, best friends, and sisters so I’m already jotting down baby shower ideas.

Alicia is funny because the reason she arranged the urgent Skype date was so she could have me do pictures while I was up :)  What I loved most about the session was everything there is to love about a session.  I love love love Alicia and Kory, I love evening light and the magical nature of that hour, I love props and old buildings, I love warm weather and bright colors, and I love babies :)  We went out at the most perfect time of day, dusk.  The light was perfectly golden casting the world in bright colors and a soft glow.  We had so many fun props to play with and the air of anticipation working in our favor.  Afterwards I got to share a meal with them at their house and chat over wine.  We even made a trip to the animal shelter :)

January 8, 2013 - 3:55 pm

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January 8, 2013 - 4:37 pm

Hannah huge - Love this !

July 12, 2013 - 10:36 am

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July 12, 2013 - 3:35 pm

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