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MHS Cross Country Senior Sport Poster

I got to do a very fun session with the Milton High School Cross Country team’s bunch of senior for a season poster to put up around town.  The goal was to take pictures so I could create a Senior sport poster for them to then hang up at school and around town.  Since the group doesn’t have financial support like some other sports they have never had a poster before so to make it happen they divvied up the cost between them.

Come time for the shoot the bunch was up for anything, energetic despite coming right off of practice, and beautifully photogenic and attentive to detail.  We simply walked part of their running course and stopped at the places I was feeling inspired.  They were so great at responding to instruction and probably the best listeners I’ve worked with all year for such a group!  If I could have it my way, I would do this with them every year!

The images here include the finished poster a select group of  three team favorites and a couple favorites of my own :).

Team, thanks for asking me to be a part of such a fun project!  I had a blast!

All pictures are uploaded for web optimization as low resolution files.  All images are shot as high quality resolution digital files.  Images are not to be stolen or printed, full resolution files may be available upon request.

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Poster includes event dates, team slogan, and sponsor.

Colorful cleats picture

The shoe idea was all theirs!  I simply recommended they stand like that, hold them as they felt comfortable, take their socks off, and smile :).  Such a great idea because they have so many great colors with those shoes!

Painting the rock

When Brittany, one of the seniors and my primary communicator, told me they were going to paint the rock for one of the pictures I totally knew what she was talking about.  I grew up in Minnesota and we had two rocks.  As the story goes, we actually stole our biggest rock and prized possession from our rival school, Monticello.  Apparently they didn’t care for it enough to come back and claim it, or maybe they don’t even know we have it.  Either way, the rock was a popular place for sports teams to get pumped up before a big game by making their mark.  My favorite memory at the rock was when I was a Junior and on the yearbook team.  As a group we decided to pull an over night stake out at the rock the night before we distributed the yearbook to the school.  The evening started with the painting and all I remember after that is Eli chasing after various adventures taking pictures and feeling as worthless as a box of rocks as soon as distribution day was over.

Painting the rockon the bleachers - posed, casual shoton the bleachers - casually posed shot The intimidation factor!
August 31, 2012 - 1:43 am

Lannette - LOVE all of these! Especially the ‘shoes off’.

September 4, 2012 - 9:15 pm

asun9573 - Thanks! You’re the best :)